DevaCurl Buildup Buster Gentle Clarifying Cleanser, 8 oz.


This non-stripping cleanser with the Clarifying Complex helps remove product buildup on all curl types. Sometimes you just need to start over with a clean slate. This deep yet gentle cleanser helps you do just that when your curls are weighed down by buildup from products, hard water, or pollutants. Formulated with powerful micellar water technology, Abyssinian seed oil and jojoba, it helps remove buildup to leave curls soft, bouncy and shiny.

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DevaCurl Buildup Buster Gentle Clarifying Cleanser, 8 oz.

How To Use;  Use as needed in place of your regular cleanser. Use our “scrub in/scrub out” method: apply to scalp and scrub in with fingertips. Scrub out while rinsing thoroughly. Follow with your favorite DevaCurl® conditioner or treatment.   https://res.cloudinary.com/devacurl/video/upload/DevaCurl/Buildup_Buster_ACCOUNTS_FINAL.mp4

Will Buildup Buster® strip my hair color?  No, Buildup Buster® is safe for use on color-treated hair.

Can I use Buildup Buster® as my weekly cleanser?  Yes, you can use it weekly or as needed, as a replacement of your regular cleanser to deeply clean and help remove buildup.

How much product should I use?   We recommend approximately 1 tablespoon for fine hair and approximately a palm-full for thick hair.

Buildup Buster® is a cleansing serum. Do I have to rinse it out?  Yes, you must rinse out Buildup Buster® to get your scalp and curls clean and remove buildup. It is not a leave in.

Can you use Buildup Buster® without following up with a conditioner after? It is necessary to follow up with a conditioner or moisturizing treatment to ensure waves and curls are appropriately moisturized and to avoid frizz and dryness.

What is the fragrance?  Aqua Bliss Fragrance
A comforting, spa-like scent that starts with notes of Eucalyptus, Coriander, Peppermint and Jasmine and finishes with Pine, Musk and Juniper.

Can you tell me about the bottle material?  We are committed to being kind to the environment and reducing our eco-footprint. This bottle is made from 50% recycled ocean bound plastics.

What is Curl Flexibility™? What it means to us: styling versatility so your curls can take on any shape and stand up to anything. Protect, revive or reset your waves, curls, or coils with confidence.


8 fl. oz. / 236 mL


Deva Curl


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