DevaCurl CurlBond Re-Coiling Cream Conditioner, 32 oz.


Fight damage. This creamy conditioner with the Patented CurlBond™ Complex re-coils damaged curls, softens, detangles, and works from the inside out to help re-link broken bonds, improve strength, seal split ends and protect from future damage. Leaves curls healthy-looking and defined with frizz control and shine.

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DevaCurl CurlBond Re-Coiling Cream Conditioner, 32 oz.

How To Use; After using CurlBond™ Re-Coiling Mild Lather Cleanser, apply to wet curls. Use your fingers to gently detangle and glide through the ends to thoroughly moisturize. Rinse. For a deep cleanse, use Buildup Buster®.  https://res.cloudinary.com/devacurl/video/upload/DevaCurl/CurlBond_Conditioner_ACCOUNTS_FINAL.webm

Why did DevaCurl® create CurlBond™?  To create a curl-specific formula to help repair existing damage, help re-coil curls and protect curls against future damage.
We know that the curlier the hair, the more susceptible it is to damage because of the internal stress put on the bends where fibers twist to create a curl pattern. We also know that curly hair has more disulfide bonds than straight hair. And curls can become limp and loose when disulfide bonds are broken during chemical processes like coloring and relaxing treatments.

Who needs CurlBond™ Re-Coiling Cream Conditioner?  Any curl type that wants help repairing from chemical damage such as a color service, as well as mechanical damage like heat damage, brushing, protective styles, and friction.

Can I use this conditioner for every wash day?  Yes. It is OK to use every day and will not “over-protein-ize” or cause any brittleness or breakage. The amino acids in the formula only fill in the damaged part of the cuticle, not the healthy parts, so it won’t cause buildup on the hair.

Is there protein in CurlBond™ products?  Yes, because it contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein and fuels our CurlBond™ technology. However, it will not “over-protein-ize” or cause any brittleness or breakage.

Can I use CurlBond™ Re-Coiling Cream Conditioner if my hair is not damaged?  Yes, but you’ll see the best results if you have damage or sensitivity from heat, color, or mechanical styling. To find a conditioner to help suit all your hair needs, talk to your Devachan stylist.

Is CurlBond™ Re-Coiling Cream Conditioner moisturizing? Our CurlBond™ Conditioner is designed to repair. However, it does condition and soften curls. Our CurlBond™ Re-Coiling Treatment Mask is deeply nourishing. For additional moisture needs, we recommend incorporating Heaven In Hair® or Melt Into Moisture®. To find a conditioner to help suit all your hair needs, talk to your Devachan stylist.

What ingredients in CurlBond™ Re-Coiling Cream Conditioner contribute to repair?  CurlBond Re-Coiling Cream Conditioner is formulated with our Patented CurlBond™ Complex to repair from the inside-out. It contains Succinic Acid, Lysine and Arginine as well as Naturally Derived Guar.

What is the fragrance?  Cozy Getaway Fragrance A warm, tropical scent that starts with notes of Coconut Water, Casaba Melon (a blend of honeydew and cantaloupe), Gardenia Petals and Bitter Orange and finishes with Warm Amber and Vanilla Bean.


32 fl. oz. / 946 mL


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