DevaCurl Low-Poo Original Mild Lather Cleanser For Rich Moisture, 12 oz.


If you have dry, medium to coarse curls, this low-lathering cleanser with a rich moisture preserving blend leaves them shiny, bouncy and hydrated.

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DevaCurl Low-Poo Original Mild Lather Cleanser For Rich Moisture, 12 oz.

How To Use; Use our “scrub in/scrub out” method: apply to scalp and scrub in with fingertips. Scrub out while rinsing thoroughly. Follow with One Condition® Original. For a deeper cleanse, use Buildup Buster®.        https://res.cloudinary.com/devacurl/video/upload/DevaCurl/GS_HT_LO-POO_ORIGINAL_WEB_UPDATE.webm

How is Low-Poo® Original different than traditional shampoo?  Traditional shampoo can be formulated with harsh ingredients such as SLS/SLES sulfates that can strip your curls of the essential oils they need. Low-Poo® Original is formulated specifically for dry, medium to coarse curls with good-for-you ingredients (and without those harsh ingredients) to keep your curls moisturized and healthy-looking.

What is the difference between Low-Poo® Original and Low-Poo Delight®?  Low-Poo® Original provides more moisture than Low-Poo Delight®, making it better suited to curlier hair textures. Low-Poo Delight® provides weightless moisture that is better suited to wavy hair.

What is the difference between Low-Poo® Original and No-Poo® Original?  In a word, lather! Both formulas provide curls with essential moisture and gentle, non-stripping cleansing but Low-Poo also provides light lather for those of us who just love some lather! But don’t worry. Low-Poo is also SLS/SLES sulfate-free and uses a coconut-derived surfactant to provide lather.

Since Low-Poo is different than traditional shampoo, what will I experience?  The SLS/SLES sulfate-free formula will produce very little lather. You will need to use your fingertips to work the formula on your scalp—scrub it in and scrub it out while rinsing. Your hair will not have a squeaky-clean feeling – which is perfect for curls because it means they are moisturized.

What is the fragrance? Fresh Rose Fragrance A clean and invigorating floral scent that starts with Sparkling Citrus, Clean Water Accord and Wild Mint, plus Rose Blossom, Waterlily and Freesia and finishes with Musk, Creamy Accord and Blond Woods.

Can you tell me about the bottle material?  We are committed to being kind to the environment and reducing our eco-footprint. This bottle is made from 50% recycled ocean bound plastics.

What is Curl Flexibility™?  What it means to us: styling versatility so your curls can take on any shape and stand up to anything. Protect, revive or reset your waves, curls, or coils with confidence.


12 fl. oz. / 355 mL


Deva Curl


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