DevaCurl SuperMousse Coconut Oil Infused Volumizer, 5 oz.


This coconut oil infused mousse with the VolumiCurl Complex gives curls day 3 volume on day 1 with enhanced bounce, shine and a soft, no-crunch finish. Humidity-resistant formula reduces frizz and flyaways too.

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DevaCurl SuperMousse Coconut Oil Infused Volumizer, 5 oz.

How To Use;  Shake well. Hold upside-down, dispense into palm. Distribute and scrunch through soaking wet hair. Do not rinse. Air-dry or diffuse. Fluff at roots.


How is SuperMousse® different than Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam?  SuperMousse® is a moisture-rich formula that is specially formulated to volumize curly and coily hair that needs that extra hydration. Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam is a lighter weight body booster that is formulated for wavy and curly hair that needs airy volume.

Can I use SuperMousse® if I have wavy hair?  If you have wavy hair, we recommend using Frizz-Fighting Volumizing Foam which is a lighter formula that adds volume without weighing down your waves.

What is the fragrance?  Super Fruits Fragrance A sweet, enticing scent that starts with notes of Peach Nectar, Lychee and Pink Currant, followed by Pink Peony, Hibiscus Blossom and Lily of the Valley and finishes with Coconut Sugar and Creamy Woods.

What is Curl Flexibility™?  What it means to us: styling versatility so your curls can take on any shape and stand up to anything. Protect, revive or reset your waves, curls, or coils with confidence.




5 oz. / 141 gr.


Deva Curl


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